Speed Limiter Device

De Akasten Vehicle speed Monitor is controlled by microcomputer to realize the effective control of high speed, to avoid the potential safety risk caused by over speed driving, and at the same time to ensure the speed limit within the scope of the accelerator pedal free action. The speed Monitor is suitable for all electronic and mechanical/cable vehicles.

Speed limit range: 10km/h to 150km/h set by administrator. Speed limit range: the common scope of the system: one can easily preset the speed, ranging from 10km/h to 150km/h.

Product Features

  • Force to limit speed at a pre-set speed when over speeding
  • Data retrieval from the speed limit device via USB port
  • Calibrate automatically
  • Record the data for longitude, latitude and the average speed per 5 seconds within 72 hours

Technical parameters

  • Speed limit range : 10km/h to 150km/h
  • Speed limit deviation: ±2km/h
  • Working Voltage range: DC9-36VDC
  • Low temperature resistance: -40℃
  • High temperature resistance: +85℃
  • The product size: T01: 117mm*93mm*35mm
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